Understanding Is Everything

Gust Enterprises, Inc. has been providing top-tier IT solutions to satified customers based on one simple principle - Make the technology fit your business, do not make your business fit the technology!

Driven by technically savvy leadership, we address modern enterprise technology challenges and specifically tailor each solution to ideally match an individual customer's goal of going from where they to where they want to be. We assign the perfect team or experts to create the perfect solution for each proposal. Gust Enterprises does not assign an individual to your account, Gust Enterprises in its' entirety is your account rep, your liason and your consultant!

Our team of experts takes a unique approach to understand a client's business model, existing technology, needs and wants, and discovers the exact problem we are going to solve with technology. We'll propose the ideal solution that addresses the problem at hand so clients do not waste valuable time and resources on solutions that will leave them wanting.

We are seasoned in all programming languages, database systems, and the technology platforms so that we can utilize the best possible tools and techniques in providing for your business solutions. Our experience traverses varying industries like insurance, travel, financial services, manufacturing, sports, retail, healthcare, call centers, education and training to name a few.

Our diversity contributes to the success of our customers, and therefore to the success of Gust Enterprises. Let us know how we can help you solve your business problems with technology.


  • Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, as well as Apple were all started in a garage.
  • The first mouse was invented by Douglas Engelbart in 1963.
  • The first personal computer, Simon, was created by Berkeley Enterprises and sold for a pricey $300 in 1950.
  • 6.8 billion people on the planet - 4 billion use a mobile phone but only 3.5 billion use a toothbrush.
  • On eBay, there is an average of $680 worth of transactions every second.
  • Of the 60 billion emails that are sent every day, 97 percent are considered spam.
  • Google handles an estimated 1 billion search queries every day.